Christine N.
We're so grateful to have found a caterer for my parents' retirement celebration that's aligned with our values when it comes to food and farming. Chef Erik is professional, down-to-earth, and understands the importance of locally-sourced, high quality ingredients. Our guests enjoyed and raved about the brunch fare and my only regret was not filling my plate with more food!
Veronica P.
We could not ring in the New Year without saying a few words about our experiences in the last several weeks with The Polished Foxx. We had the good fortune of hearing about TPF's Thanksgiving meal through Whiffletree Farm, and the good sense to place an order. And are we ever glad we did! Not only was the meal outstanding, but our experience with TPF was also excellent - there was a small oversight in our order and Chef Erik offered to drive an hour to our house on Thanksgiving morning to make it right . . . with a few additional goodies besides. So delightful was our Thanksgiving experience that we decided to reach out to Chef Erik about his Christmas meal offering . . . less than a week before Christmas. He graciously accommodated us on super short notice, even ensuring that our entire meal was GF, from stuffing to pie. So on this Christmas, we're grateful for Chef Erik, the founder of all of our 2021 holiday feasts, whose skill and open-handed generosity have been highlights of our family's holiday celebrations.
James W.
Okay, so I went to a swanky function with great friends at a winery in Maryland (please do not @ me with a bunch of comments about Maryland wines, that's not the point, you philistines). So anyway, I had been lured there by descriptions of Chef Foxx (of The Polished Foxx caterers) skill at assembling a world-class charcuterie board. I sampled pate and what-not and enjoyed it all immensely, but then the most amazing thing happened; I was served a salad at lunch. Now listen to me people, because this is important. You see, this wasn't just any old lettuce salad. This salad had magical properties due to what I can only assume were magical ingredients. Chef Foxx might be famous for his barbequed scallops and pork-belly skewers, but if he opens a restaurant that just serves this salad I will sell everything and move next door so I can eat this salad every day. It was a blend of fresh, like reeeallly fresh ingredients, and not a sprig of lettuce in sight. Plus he had performed some sort of mystical chef-type alchemy and turned balsamic vinegar into a sort of sweet caviar-like substance. And it wasn't just me, as the totality of what we were all experiencing began to dawn on my friends there was some talk of kidnapping chef Foxx and forcing him to make gallons of his salad's 'Green Godess' dressing, but since he's built like a Pittsburgh Steeler's inside lineman we immediately thought better of it. Anyhoo, it was mind-bendingly tasty salad, and right now you should all be thinking of excuses to hire The Polished Foxx to cater your kid's soccer game, or a company function, or something - anything - to get this salad. Just make up a reason, you and I both know you make up reasons for stuff all the time so you can certainly do it for this too. Just be sure to check on salad availability first.